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D6 School Communicator

What is School Communicator?

School Communicator is an application that can be installed onto your computer, tablet or smart phone device and will provide you with up-to-date information about everything happening at Al Rabeeh Academy including the school calendar, news about future events, forms which your child may have misplaced and even photographs of recent events.

School Communicator will be the ultimate form of communication between the school and parents and we kindly ask that you install the School Communicator application to your device(s) at your earliest convenience.

For laptops and desktop computers the application can be installed by following this link:

For smart phones and tablet devices please search ‘School Communicator’ on the ‘App Store’ of your device and install ‘D6 School Communicator’. Please select your ‘Region’ as ‘Middle East’ and select ‘Al Rabeeh Academy’ from the list of schools available.

Once you have downloaded School Communicator, please personalise your information to include the category “New Admissions.”

Thank You