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Pupil Welfare

Al Rabeeh Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the care and welfare of children. Strong pastoral care is central to the ethos and aims of the school. Aims
The personal and social development of students is a central aim of our curriculum. We want our students to be able to:

  1. Make and sustain good relationships
  2. Have a healthy lifestyle
  3. Be safe
  4. Be able to co-operate with others
  5. Have clear values and attitudes
  6. Make choices with a moral context
  7. Take responsibility
  8. To be self-disciplined
  9. To be self-motivated
  10. Express opinions sensitively and confidentially
  11. Think critically
  12. Be self-reliant

We provide learning support for identified pupils, however specialist resources, classroom environments and staffing are limited. Parents of students requiring special educational needs are advised to discuss the needs of their child with administration before registration to ensure Al Rabeeh School can meet the needs of their child.

Children who are placed on the 'Special Educational Needs' register at Al Rabeeh School will be provided with termly Individual Education Plans (IEPs). The SEN Teacher, Class Teacher and parents will work together to set the targets in the IEP.

All forms of bullying and harassment are considered to be unacceptable and are not tolerated within the school environment. All incidents are taken very seriously, recorded and monitored. Challenging bullying effectively will improve the safety and happiness of pupil's and show that the school cares and makes clear to bullies that such behaviour is unacceptable.

We believe bullying is best prevented through the ethos based on mutual respect and equality. The raising of children's self-esteem and self-confidence is central to the work and life of the school.

Communication with Parents
We will communicate with parents in various ways, for example through letters and flyers, newsletters, SMS messaging service, questionnaires and informal events. Parents are invited to parent evenings each term and to see their children perform and enjoy special events and activities.

Al Rabeeh School uses the ‘D6 School Communicator’ to communicate with parents. The ‘School Communicator’ is an application that can be installed onto your computer, tablet or smart phone device which will provide you with information about everything happening at Al Rabeeh School. For laptops and desktop computers the application can be installed by following this link: Click Here

For smart phones and tablet devices please search ‘School Communicator’ on the ‘App Store’ of your device and install ‘D6 School Communicator’.

We are constantly striving to improve on this area as our school/parent partnership is so important. Staff will always be happy to meet with parents to share concerns with an appointment.

Health & Vaccinations
The school nurse can be contacted using the following direct line: 02 4482866 In line with instructions from the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) medication will only be given in school in the following circumstances:-

  • 'Permissions Form' is signed and submitted
  • Nurse is informed of your child's medical history and vaccinations
  • We will only administer medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor
  • Medicine must be given directly to the nurse by an adult and will only be returned to an adult.
  • The parent must fill in and sign a consent form.
  • Please note that we hold some medicines in school (Calpol, Panadol etc.) but we will only give these to your child after contacting you so please ensure the office has up to date contact details for you.
  • Children with infectious or contagious illnesses should be kept at home. If we contact you to tell you that your child is too ill to be in school please attend promptly.
  • No required injections or vaccinations (as requested by the HAAD) will be given to your child without your prior written agreement and approval.